Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lip Smacking Bubble Gum Pink

I have alot of Pink!
I love Pink.
All shades of Pink.

So finding a Bubble Gum Pink was easy for me.
I mixed in a dark orange and lime green.
A preppy girl never loses her roots.  Haha.
But V. is right, brown is just what bubble gum pink needs
to calm her down, ground her a bit.

Bubble Gum Pink Star
Decide to make this one look like a normal star.
Whatever normal is!


Julianne said...

Great job! Now thats pink!!

sheila 77 said...

What a fantastic stack of pink fabric. Nice little normal star, having a rest from its exercising.

Julianne said...

Ya, I am definately jealous of your fabric stash!

Tracey said...

WOW! What a nice stash to choose from. Love your "normal" star. She's pretty spunky with orange and lime.

janequiltsslowly said...

Nice picture of the pinks in your stash! I am going to have to dig out some brown to go with my pink, so far I've only selected other brights.