Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back from the Desert Island . . .

I was MAROONED on a desert island . . . thinking this color would be a cinch. I have a lot of this color in my stash, because I like it, just a darker wine colored version of my favorite RED. But I had a lot of trouble with it. I couldn't make the companion fabrics that I also really LIKE play with this color. Anyway, careful observers will see that I took my made fabric and whacked certain pieces off of it and made "new" fabric. Now I'm kind of liking the result . . . . Here is the fabric I chose, but this picture makes it look brighter than it is:
I really LOVE this fabric because of all the dashes of bright colors in the dark maroon background. Here are the fabrics I choose to go with it. I was trying to pull out the colors of the bright dashes, but my favorite piece is the linen scrap that I got from my son's girlfriend (upper left corner). I helped her take apart a bag that she had in this linen fabric and use it to replace the front flap on her messenger bag. She liked the dark green messenger bag, but it had a weird graphic on the front flap. So long story LONG, I got to keep the linen scraps. You may have seen them in some of my other blocks in this project ;)
Here is the made fabric with some other interloper fabrics that I should not have used:
After I cut the triangles for my block I was unhappy with them, so I cut out the stuff I didn't like and I will admit to using a seam ripper at one point because I was out of big pieces of the dark leafy fabric, I re-sewed my made fabric, cut it out again and stitched this block:
I now rather like it. Here is the group, so far:
You already know that I'll be using this color again.
It goes very well with the cheddar background, I think & lends a darkness to the group that I love. Always need a dark/dark in the mix.


Nicky said...

Great quilt top in the making!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I really like the darks in here too! Your new block fits so well in your other blocks!!!

Barbara said...

I agree...does go well with the cheddar. Nice balance between this darkest dark and the teal next to it.

Sewing In CT said...

I really like this maroon block! You've captured the essence of the color perfectly. What color is the background fabric? Toni

fiberchick said...

This block is beautiful and looks fantastic with the background!