Wednesday, July 18, 2012


In my attempt to catch up the next color on my list is 'dusty blue'. This is not that block. Dusty blue just stumped me, I'll admit it. In my mind the color is not what I'm seeing when I saw Ms.V's original post - nor is it what I found when I Googled  it. Perhaps I know it as something else. I think I've found some dusty blue in my stash tonight. I'll play with that tomorrow.

Today I skipped over to "rust". Seems I've lost my picture of the fabrics I we'll forgo that little preview and jump right to the block. I used three new fabrics and brought back 2 that I'd used before. I'm using a different Blk/Wht print for each of the block backgrounds. This b/w wouldn't have been my first choice - but picking from what I had to choose from - it works as it mimics the florals...and I am pleased.


janequiltsslowly said...

Wow that's a really elegant rust fabric. I like the background choice with it.

Willa said...

I like the idea of different black and whites. I love this one with the rust. Hope to see the blcks together soon.

fiberchick said...

Very nice block. Love the polka dot effect of the black and white fabric!