Sunday, October 14, 2012

Playing with quilting feathers

I have been playing around and drawing loads of feathers trying to get it right. I practiced on some old scraps then I took the leap and put some on a baby quilt!  Difficult but not impossible.
here are a couple of photos to prove I really did it.

Not too bad for the first time I actually put one on a quilt.  What do you think?


janequiltsslowly said...

I've been practicing feathers on paper (and on a white board I started to use because I was using up so much paper). I haven't tried fabric yet, but I'd really like to try. Are you a tip to base quilter or base to tip? Or maybe you alternate. I draw better from the base to the tip, then I back track down the spine and start up again.

Connecticut Chronichols said...

They look good. You were smart to use white thread on white fabric. I used blue thread on white when I tried. Boy do my mistakes stand out.

Connecticut Chronichols said...
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Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Way to tackle those feathers! Looks great! the more you do the better they get! BRAVO!!! Fantastic!

Barbara Arcement said...

thanks for the words of encouragement . I hope to get better. lots of practice ahead.

Carla said...

Good Job
I'm still playing on paper. I haven't been brave enough yet to try on fabric.