Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Plaid Progress

It's been so much fun seeing all the different directions people have taken with their plaid squares!
I'm happy to report that I've made some progress since my last post.

I got over my need to use blue, green, and red made fabric diamonds. First I tried the plaid in the middle, with blue tips.

Then I switched it up; plaid for the tips, and green and blue in the center.

I tried reds and dark blues for the background, but neither worked. I finally came up with a solution I liked--a thin red border, and lime green woven-look fabric background (the photo doesn't look it at all, but it really is lime). I think the solid and brighter background really helps create a more modern feel.
Finishing plans include a pieced red border and a hand stitched (gulp!) outline of the star with red perle cotton.

Two other observations about putting this project together.
1. Except for a couple spots, I'm fairly happy with how my diamond points match. Using made fabric (a bit stretchy) for fairly exact piecing was a bit tricky.
2. I sewed the red borders onto each of the eight diamond segments before joining them together. After that was all done, I decided I wanted to applique it to the solid background. I augmented a semi-failed attempt at adding fusible web to the star with buttonhole machine stitching to secure the raw edges. This will ultimately be a wall hanging because it's not particularly sturdy or fray proof!


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

When I piece pieces like those diamonds, I always make fabric on Phone book paper....Like the Diamond Garden quilt on page 39... ;-)

I love your layout! It's fresh and beautiful!

Briarose said...

lovin' the star with red tips

Sewing In CT said...

Simply lovely - your star twinkles because of the made fabric!!!!

Ellen said...

Beautiful! Love the way the green background highlights your star fabrics.

Unknown said...

Its amazing how blocks take on a whole new personality with each addition. I had never thought about framing the star before adding a background, but this certainly inspires me to do just that. I will have to try it. Awesome job!

Carol E. said...

It's gorgeous, and I agree: it twinkles.