Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm going underground...

These are my choices so far, for the Tea Towel Challenge . From the top clockwise..
London underground tea towel
Vintage turquoise apron
Kath Kidston souvenir of London tea towel
Some wonderful border I picked up at Harrogate quilt show last year
French napkin ..ooh la la
Seersucker tablecloth
and in the middle brand new and bought for the occassion , London underground poster tea towel

I've started to cut and this is where I'm at so far, but theres plenty more tinkering around to be done.


liniecat said...

LOVE the underground idea lolol

Anonymous said...

What a fun collage!!

Willa said...

Very fun!

electricdunce said...

That is looking great, I love the colors!