Tuesday, January 8, 2013

V asked for it

Update on happenings in the heat. Yesterday was 43C=109.6F so it was a tad warm.

First up challenge fabric finish. I didn't get a chunk from Victoria but some smaller scraps turned up at quilting here in Oz . Meant to be

Finished the small drunkards path table runner on New Years Eve. Serendipity?

Next up some solids play. This 8" block is a call out for 80"s quilt from an Aussie sailor aboard the Towoomba. He found some solids blocks on the net and sent them. Here's my contribution

Good Things Come in Threes so here's my third.

Something I've been wanting to give a go. Interesting but I think it needs to grow on you as a technique.

Looking forward to seeing others results.  Terry

1 comment:

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

WOAH! Love all the colors! the solids are so striking! and I LOVE the words! I was going to free piece my "matisse" letters, but thought I'd go with something I don't do often... fuse!
What will the GONE fishing be used on?
Clever table runner!