Saturday, March 23, 2013

I keep finding great towels!

I've been watching lots of others move forward with their tea towel challenge,
but I'm adrift

Not only England, but Victoria too!

Maybe a really old towel is the way to go!

the more towels I find, the more I'm inclined to cut up several
and make an all linen quilt.

That's why I started collecting vintage tea towels in the first place.
At $1 or less a piece in thrift shops, they're a cheap way
to buy linen.


sophie said...

THose are great! I'm jealous ... I really LOOKED for vintage tea towels and found ... NONE.

electricdunce said...

Wonderful towels. I never seem to find them anywhere around here, we just got a big Goodwill store near me, but it disappoints me most of the time. I think an all tea towel quilt would be brilliant !


Julierose said...

I can't find any good ones either!! I even scouted online...Julierose

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I never thought of finding tea towels before this. Now I am hooked