Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tea Towel Take 2 & 3

My Tea Towel quilt has been moving forward little by little, and today it made a big leap. I had previously made quite a bit of made fabric by adding bits and pieces to the humble beginnings of Take 1.
Seriously, I was really proud of these, each one of them could have been a small quilt.

Although I enjoyed looking at my pieces of made fabric, it was time to cut into them already, working from this very professional looking sketch with measurements and all. If you look closely you can see that the borders are not symmetrical, but the tea towel will end up in the centre when it’s done, that is if I stick to my original plan.

I still don’t get a lot done in 15 minutes, but after a couple of hours of cutting, adding, pressing, recutting, and fretting about umpteen layers of seam allowances, I finally had the needed number of blocks which thereafter were stitched into the first border. I took the top outside for pictures, but the light was a bit weird so the bright looking fabrics did not shine as much as expected.

They really are bright.

Anyway, big chunk of progress made and now onto the next border. As you can see from the very good looking sketch above, it is going to involve some triangular piecing. I sure do have enough scraps..


Brenda said...

love it. great made fabric here. and I'm still stalled on choosing a tea towel!

Nifty Quilts said...

Fun quilt!

Paulette said...

This is such a happy looking quilt! Love your bright made fabric. Funny, your sketches look a lot like mine. ;)

Unknown said...

Wow! That is really cool! I must try this!!!


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

OH NINA LISE What a GREAT PLACE for some fabulous applique inside your tea towel! or hand quilting with perle! or, oh my, it just inspires me!!!!!!!! beautiful!!!