Thursday, April 18, 2013

Got My Scraps From Ellen

Look at the cute way Ellen sent me her scraps! And inside was a very cute coin (and other stuff) purse. I love it! Ellen said it's a fun way to start the spring. I'm glad her bright, happy scraps can help me think about spring, because this is what Minnesota is getting today and tomorrow: Thanks for the scraps, Ellen! I love them! I sent your box off this morning. --carol e.


Irene said...

Ellen really makes the swap special. She was my swap partner in a previous swap.

I sent my box out today to my partner and it was stuffed, and needed duct tape to hold closed.

Willa said...

What fun to see the beginning of the scraps!!! Thanks for sharing!

ellen gets crafty said...

I'm glad you like your scraps - after seeing the scene out of your window, I should have sent you wool! Keep warm, Ellen