Monday, June 3, 2013

Tea Towel Challenge - Progress!

My goal for the weekend was this:
My back for the quilt was finished and I layered everything.  But first - I added this:
Can you see it there? Just outside the blue wave-y HSTs?  It made such a positive difference to the top - just like V was explaining last week.  Although I had always planned to add it, I didn't know if it would look good - and I was really glad it did.  So, this counts as another new thing I'd never done before.

This one is going to be a tough one to quilt - she doesn't lay flat.  I figured I'd start with the tea towel since it's in the middle and the stretchiest part - I'm quilting latitude & longitude lines on it. 
I don't quilt by hand - only by machine, although I admire folks who do any or all by hand. 
Now that the quilting is started, this probably won't get set aside until it's done.  That's how it is with me - there might be long pauses during piecing and especially before layering, but once it comes together, I'm usually ready to finish it.

This is also the first time I'm posting, so please forgive any errors or omissions and let me know best practices!


Ellie Q said...

Love the ribbon accent! I had the same issue with quilting my tea towel project--I ended up quilting it a bit loosely to accommodate the stretch and then just decided not to worry that it had some slightly saggy bits. Good luck!

Willa said...

Delightful! Looks like you had fun which is what play is all about!

Venus de Hilo said...

Congrats on your progress! That blue ribbon with the white wavy line is a lovely addition.

Paulette said...

I love the wavy ribbon! Great incorporation of made fabric all around. Your quilting is looking nice!

Margaret said...

What a find! I really like all the parts in this quilt. Hope you show us again when you finish the quilt.