Saturday, July 6, 2013

skyscrappers and beach hut revised

Last time I posted, I realized the values of the hut and the "shrubbery" were too close and resulted in a dark glob around the hut.  So I reworked the hut and also reworked the sea so it's more random. I wanted to make the sea black and white with fish but didn't have fabric that worked; maybe I will stumble on  better fabric for the sea sometime before I quilt it as it is now.  I haven't done the quilting but it's time to rest this project and to move on to other waiting projects.  Thanks Victoria for another fun challenge.


The Reader said...

I like the changes! Looks good!!

roccagal said...

I do too! nice job!

sheila 77 said...

Great artwork, Willa, you've made a very unusual textile here. I like the way the beach hut floats in front and the way you have used the skyscraper images.