Saturday, July 6, 2013

Terry's Train Station Up Dated

Departure Sydney Australia   July 6 2013  10:30 pm
Arrive New York City USA  July 6 2013    8:30 am

By the magic of time travel

The challenge has been as exciting as time travel

find a subject         work the inspiration into an image of my own      use a smorgasbord of quilting techniques including miles of walking foot quilting.

Learned so much !! Thank you  all for playing.

This is the best photo I was able to take in the dark. In 9 hours I will have morning light and will try for a clearer photo to update.

Until tomorrow Terry

It is Tomorrow and the sun finally came out. We had our first frost of winter. Ha Ha !

The bottom half of the station . I'm finding it very difficult (impossible ) to photograph the quilting.

The sideways view shows more stitching detail.

Hope your all having a great weekend.  Terry


The Reader said...

So striking!

janequiltsslowly said...

Love the translation of the picture to this finished quilt. Very abstract, but you captured the look of it.

roccagal said...

I think it is fabulous-the quilting is really wonderful!
What a great interpretation!