Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Idea for a Mini

Yesterday morning I was working on a quilt
 when I was  focused on this

This idea came to me.

So then I played around with some scraps
to see if I could actually
sew up some blocks that would finish at 1.5"

Next I will try sewing them together
to see if that works, too.


Kim said...

Wow--I love your idea! I think I need more scraps..... I love your made fabric all in one color. That maybe a direction for me to head, though then I really need more scraps...hmmm

Lisa said...

Love it! and I love your journal too.

roccagal said...

luv this color combo! it is gonna be stunning! I never keep a journal but keep telling myself that I should instead of little scraps of paper which I lose! I think you have inspired me to start with my mini challenge as I already have a few scraps of paper on the go!! LOL!

Julierose said...

Neat idea! Your creative juices seem to be ever-flowing! I am trying out some mini-scrappy sewing--do you use a 1/4" foot or no...thanks, Julierose

Venus de Hilo said...

Wow, that will be stunning! Impressed by your plan and tickled by your colors.

janequiltsslowly said...

Love the tiny yellow made fabric. So sweet.