Thursday, November 7, 2013

mardi gras!

This challenge coincided with a series of 12" bowtie quilts that I have begun.  They are all centered around the idea of RSVP -- Black Tie, Business Attire, Western Dress (many good parties when the rodeo is in town), Casual, White Tie, etc.   So why not a block for a Mardi Gras party in golds, purples and greens.  I do like the puffiness of the center from the the many seams in the bow knot.  I first learned to make the bowtie block with the 3D center and have never made it with the more traditional flat piecing.   I am leaning toward using some fluffy polyester batting for this one - Nothing flat and sedate like Business Attire. 
I will send a picture when the piece is complete. 
Cheers, Elizabeth W


Sewing In CT said...

THAT makes me want to do a bowtie quilt. Love the puffy knot in the middle!

Margaret said...

Your colors are rich ... would love to see the whole series!

Carla said...

Perfect Mardi Gras colors. Love this little block.