Thursday, November 28, 2013

Peggy's Mini

Here's my mini... done before the deadline.
It was great fun to tackle.   I especially wanted to try making the border without an obvious miter or straight joint.
The black and white section was done using templates and machine piecing.   The border, too, was machine pieced.    And a bit of hand quilting sandwiched it all together.

Happy Thanksgiving.   Here in Wisconsin that means deer hunting, too.  So I thought this photo of  with the "shed" antler and leaves would help communicate the size of the crumbs in this 12" x 12" block. ~ Peggy R
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Venus de Hilo said...

Wow, LOVE your random pieced border! Great idea, nicely executed, and it looks so wonderful at this small scale. You were right to fuss with the corners so there's no obvious corner seam. Center is fun, too!

roccagal said...

very nice!