Thursday, December 23, 2010

all is bright!

 A house for Lynn.
She wants bright.

I hummed silent night as I was sewing.
The record player needle was stuck on....
"all is bright".
Not much "calm" here, I'm afraid.

I had fun and hope to fit another
"15 minutes ++++!!!"
in between the holiday activities!!


Anonymous said...

Your house and tree are marvellous!!!
I am falling in love with everyones houses!
I have to make some for myself, or else take these off the page and try to make a quilt out of!!! Impossible sounding isn't it...but I'll try! LOL

Mary Keasler said...

OH SO Merry and Bright! The tree is very cool. I am a big tree freak anyways. Great fun and so creative!

Margaret said...

Your text & the contrast between the inside & the outside of your block made me laugh ... real life! Merry Christmas!

Bonnie said...

What fun!! The fabrics are wonderfull and I love how the house and tree are on differens levels. ANd lastly but by no means leastly the ORANGE Tree.


Cindy F said...

Love it! That tree is too cute...looks like it's laden with fruit!

Alexis said...

Very cheery! I love the tall chimney! Have a happy holiday!

Lynn said...

Wow that is just what I had in mind, bright! I love the house fabric and the tree is a perfect touch!

CharlotteP said...

So cheerful...a really Happy Christmas house!