Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Intuitive Swap - In the Beginning

This is the block I received from Janet.

I sat with it for a couple of days, just enjoying the colors and prints. Then I sewed together some wonky half square triangles into a sawtooth row, added some strips and piecing I'd done for other projects, and had this:

It took a couple of days (at least!) to get it that far but after that I was well and thoroughly stuck. I think I showed y'all some of the blocks I'd made with this project in mind but I wasn't happy with what was developing. Then one day I had the presence of mind to ask myself "What is the most dramatic thing I could do to Janet's block?"

The answer was to cut it into quarters. Well, that was a bit too drastic for my nerves but I did slice it. And then I inserted a strip off of some other experimental piecing I'd done.

I'm happy to report that that was enough to get the ball rolling again. I'll show you what happened next in another post...

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