Friday, April 15, 2011

Questions for you all

Hello Lovely readers and players!

I have been thinking about all of you 15minute players and I want to pick your brains...
With all this talk about modern quilting, and the MOD movement etc, 
I wanted to see how many of you actually are NEW quilters?

I started this site with the intent of purely
pushing you all to try new things, 
pursue your sewing skills and techniques,
dare you to make mistakes and learn/work for them or with them.
to get you to make quilts that are YOU and not ME.
like a spring board.... here's some challenges, now go JUMP and see what happens!

I have no fear of making a traditional quilt, 
in fact I think many of my quilts are traditional.
I make what I make... because I need to MAKE. ;-)

Making use of what we have is not a new idea,
It's a way I choose to work.  

Use it all up, 
and use it in a way that inspires
me to create quilts that are unique to me.

These are all things i have inherited from my my grandmothers quilting,
I work very much the same way she did, by using what was available...
not be wasteful, make for necessity, make for the fun of it, make to have fun....

What I want to know is.

Are you that way too?

Are you a NEW quilter?
Are you a traditional quilter?
Do you come here as a learner?
Are you a person who has always made pattern quilts?
Are you a person who feels they are always on a creative journey?
Are you looking for new ways to make a quilt?
Are you a quilter just looking to try new things?

I have a feeling many of you are not the "New starting out quilters"...

The purpose of this site is to challenge you to try new things, 
and the making fabric part is basically a way 
to give you a clean slate to design something,
experience something, find those HAPPY ACCIDENT moments, 
that send you off 
on a creative path to make a quilt hat is unique to you.

Please take the poll in the side bar about what kind of a quilter you are.

Please comment to me about what other challenges 
you are up for here on 15minuntesplay.
What else do you want to try?

What else do you want to learn?
is it color?
CHARITY projects to join in on?

If I gave you a challenge a week, would you join in?

Tell me what it is you'd like to see next...

Send me your ideas so we can plan ahead for some fun things...


Now go play!  wink!
You all inspire me daily!
keep up the good work!

By the way, this is my new 12 x 12 I made... 
I think I've made three now... decisions, decisions!

PLEASE ALSO ADD YOUR 12 x 12's to the flicker group, so we can see them all...
we have 46 people playing along, so if you do not have a place to post on the site 
directly, go to the flickr group and add them there.
we have many players not directly on the site,
and  I (we all do!) want to see what you all are making!


tropicslady said...

I'm new to quilting, although I've been sewing clothes & sailboat canvas projects for years - started sewing in 7th grade!

What techniques would I like to learn? Cornerstones, like the little orange squares you put in with the pink on your 12x12 - I never can figure out how to line them up! Should be simple, but for me, not so much for some reason.

Also, I have about 9 quilts tops that need BINDING. I make such a horrible mess of the binding! So that's another technique I'd like to learn.

Mary-Frances said...

No, I'm not a new quilter. I tend to start off with a set pattern but change it to suit me. This allows some creativity within the relative safety of a set pattern...but that's really no longer enough for me.

I'm here to expand on my creativity, to learn how to trust myself, my creative in point, my new breakup quilt that is purely pattern, no set idea as to how it will turn out, (I'm using regular fabric, not "made" fabric so no posts here), but I've taken what I've learnt here and am adapting it, so thank you for that everyone!

Colour and design are topics that interest me and I'm open to any and all discussions on techniques...there's always something new to learn no matter how long you've been quilting. A challenge a week sounds interesting...keep up the excellent work, V!

Miki Willa said...

I started quilting 30+ years ago, but didn't do any for very long stretches at a time. I recently became completely committed quilting again. I spent the last 10 years working in watercolor, pastels, acrylics, and collage. Making the transition to fabric and quilting was like coming home. Things have changed so much in the last 30 years. The new piecing techniques, fabric, cutting techniques. It is all so much fun.
I love this site because it is a great fit for the "what if I . . ." way of quilting I have discovered. This is a direct growth out of my collage experience. I love the challenges. They help me grow my skills, play with colors and patterns without guilt, use my inherited stash, and be a part of a bigger community who enjoy this same way of quilting. I am always up for the challenges. Making charity quilts is important to me. I would love to be part of a bee like the ones you have going here. Right now, I am trying to incorporate more curves in my play, so challenges with curves might be fun. Mostly, I just want to keep having fun and contact with you and other people in this great community. Thank you so much for doing all this for us.

Michelle McCray said...

You inspire me to step out of my traditional, pattern following mold. I have made many quilts following others color schemes, exact measurements, and precise corners/points. I am a hand quilter who is learning how to use her VERY new and wonderful Elna 7300 for machine quilting. It is posing a challenge for me but I am up to that challenge.

My 12x12 will most likely be my first machine quilted project, so hopefully the recipient will feel honored to receive such a unique creation.

So, I have stepped out of my box, much to my graphic design son's pleasure. He has such encouragement for me in my creative endeavors; probably because I am his number one fan. I look forward to learning more about all the ideas you listed above. Blessings of joy, Michelle :0)

Judi said...

I consider myself a 'new' quilter since I have not made a quilt - I don't even own a quilt :( Sob, but I will one day finish my Batik Star I started in a workshop. I finish projects/gifts like crazy and give things away. It's hard now because I have things packed and waiting for the house to sell. I love following what everyone does. It helped me to make my fabric blocks. It got me thinking outside the box. Down the road I think I'm going to be a combination quilter. There is one pattern I want to make after my batik star and then I'll look to others for inspiration.

Jodi said...

Hmmm, I don't think I signed up to play, but I'm not sure and don't know how to find out. If I DID, I have not played and will withdraw - so sorry. Please advise. Also, what do you consider a newbie? I am enjoying following you guys along, though!

alibobbles said...

Are you a NEW quilter? Done from pattern charts before, this is my first scrap/modern quilt
Are you a traditional quilter?
I prefer the unusual
Do you come here as a learner?
To learn to play
Are you a person who has always made pattern quilts?
Yes or with a pattern as a start
Are you a person who feels they are always on a creative journey?
I like a challenge
Are you looking for new ways to make a quilt?
Are you a quilter just looking to try new things?

What else do you want to learn?
is it color?
I have so much to learn that all of the above would be brilliant

CHARITY projects to join in on?

I already make to sell for a charity that I am involved with running so ideas would be welcome

If I gave you a challenge a week, would you join in?

I would love a challenge to push me forward and one a week is quite do-able

Chris said...

I just took your poll and was sorry I couldn't check more than one box! :)I like to try new patterns, sometimes traditional, though most always making it up as I go along - but I am seasoned - quilting for about 25 years, and sewing for lots longer than that. There is always more to learn, thank goodness! and this site is GREAT for that! Color, design, it all interests me - charity projects would be welcome, challenges sound good too! Most of all I look here for inspiration, and the comradery of fellow quilters, all on our own journey, and supporting each other on the way.

sheila 77 said...

To answer your seven questions:
I've always played with fabric and wool. My mother said I made a fair isle scarf for my teddy when I was three, but you know mothers.
Definitely not traditional - to make more than one block the same - no. Never made a pattern quilt. Usually think with a new project that I can't do it and am astonished when something turns up which is not too bad. Love to see new textile ideas.
This is a wonderful site to discover as I said the very first day. It has inspired me with the wonderful enthusiasm and creativity and fun of the players and yourself, Victoria. It has transformed my textile-making life.

CharlotteP said...

I'm quite new to quilting (have only made 2 full size quilts!) but always enjoy going my own way and trying new things. If someone says 'you do it this way' there is something inside me which says 'Oh no, I won't!' So your site is perfect for me. Trouble is, there are always more ideas than time to complete much as I'd like to participate in a project a week, it would be too much every week...but some weeks would be fun!

Maree said...

For years I said I dabbled in quilt piecing. I have always been interested in using scrap pieces of fabric and have made a couple of crazy quilts which are still on my to finish list. The tops of both are pieced which is he3 part I love. However it was only about 9 months ago that I really started getting addicted to doing more in this field. I discovered Block Lotto first and then your marvellous site which has sent me off in so many directions. I want to try all the ideas I see. I am now trying to finish a few of these projects. So far I have pieced six 12 x 12 tops and I think number 6 is the one that will become my swap although I love them all. They have all been made from scraps that I have been given by other people with a few pieces of my own thrown in. All this fabric would have been thrown out if I hadn't rescued it. For now I am happy making something out of nothing but who knows may progress on to more traditional quilting in time.

San-Dee said...

I consider myself a newbie quilter as I have only been "quilting"-making tops-for a little over a year. I have been sewing all sorts of other stuff for too many years to count. I can give up my spot on the contributors because I'm not being really productive at the moment. I tend to like traditional patterns, but never end up making them. I like the journey-life's too short to miss anything. This site really makes me think outside the box I still haven't fully assembled, and that's the best part. Once my life becomes a little more settled (Ha!) I'd love to try some of the challenges. right now I'm playing "staying afloat".

Jorie said...

I guess I do technically fall under "new quilter", as I am just now coming up on the "one year" mark for me as a QUILTER. I have sewn things off and on my whole life, though, whenever I get a creative bug. It wasn't until my second pregnancy--bedridden and home all day long everyday with a 1 year old-- that I told the hubby I either needed a new sewing machine or we needed daycare!

Nancy Bowron said...

I am a new quilter - started in January of this year. Until I picked up a Quilting ARts magazine, I never thought about quilting because I am not precise, get bored with repetition and appreciate originality & creativity. Making quilts without a plan gives me a surprise that I like getting!

I like using what I have, dyeing my own, and re-purposing old clothes into quilt pieces.

Challenges? For my schedule, one every two weeks is about all I can handle right now.

I am so thrilled to have found such a like-minded playful, and encouraging community!

Lynn said...

I've been quilting for 16 years. I quickly lost interest in following a pattern and began doing my own thing, but in a traditional, block-based way. Recently I have been making more wall/art quilts than bed quilts. Experimenting with techniques and color. That's how I found this blog. I enjoy it for the inspiration it provides me.

I make lots of charity quilts. I try to do at least one per month, usually crib size. I'm not sure I could handle a challenge per week, but I'm having a great time with the 12 by 12 challenge.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I am not a new quilted. I have designed some of my quilts but they have been mostly traditional in thinking. I love modern contemporary. I want to do more and more of that style. I can tell you it is not here in baton rouge yet!!

I have so much to explore and learn. And learn to shake off some of the restrictions in my mind. A lot of times I look at a modern quilt, and think, it is OK to do!!!

Challenges help me step out of my box thinking. That is good!

I want to do it all, color, technique, pattern, design, and do it in a new way.

Keep pushing me because I want to keep pushing my envelope!!

This blog and the bees have been the most amazing things I have ever been a part of.

Thank you ALL for that!


Magpie Sue said...

I have a feeling my reply could get lengthy. I believe I'll send it to you as a separate email.

Cindy said...

I've been quilting passionately for about 6 years now. Before that I had a 10 year absence from when I first took a class. I tend to follow patterns but make changes to suit me. I've been interested in "art" quilts for awhile but didn't know how to go about that. I love this site because you challenge my way of thinking and doing!

Although I love the idea of a weekly challenge I don't think I'd be able to keep up with that pace, given my life outside of quilts. But I'd be eagerly watching other participants and would jump in when I could!

Jitka said...

Are you that way too?

I heave been quilting fot 10 years and I mostly make tradition paterns quilts. Here I found new way of making scrap colour quilt what I like very much. Now I also made some own fabric and I´m looking for making bed quilt. What I´m learning is using colours, using waste fabric, seeing what happend in world and improve my english.

Barbara Arcement said...

Are you a NEW quilter?
I am self taught and have been making quilts for about 8 years now. I feel as though I am still new at this.
Are you a traditional quilter?
I was until I found this site...I love thinking outside of the box!
Do you come here as a learner?
yes, I love seeing what everyone is doing. I have learned so much.,
Are you a person who has always made pattern quilts?
I usually start with a patern but then I change things around.
Are you a person who feels they are always on a creative journey?
Yes, I love to sit at my machine with fabric and just start sewing. I usually always used geometric shapes but now I use all my scraps. so much more fun..
Are you looking for new ways to make a quilt?
always looking for new ideas
Are you a quilter just looking to try new things?

What else do you want to learn?
is it color?
I struggle with picking colors sometimes. I use my own techniques...need to learn the right way to do things!
CHARITY projects to join in on?

I have made a couple of quilts for chairity silent auctions. Red Cross, Woman's Club for scholarships for local students, etc.
I give most of my quilts to friends and family.
If I gave you a challenge a week, would you join in?

I might be able to .. I am still babysitting everyday but I want to try new things

Sandy Panagos said...

I completely forgot to answer this!

I have been quilting and sewing since I was about 10 --47 years. My mother and both of her parents were quilters. About ten years ago I found myself drifting from traditional to contemporary. I LOVE art quilts but have not been brave enough to try my own designs. Mostly I find inspiration in my son's work; he is a concept artist.

I joined this group because I loved what I saw here (and on Bumble Beans) and thought it would help me be braver about following my instincts and to break out of my perfectionistic mentality.

I want to learn more about design and technique and how to work from instinct, so I guess I am on a creative journey.

I do not have time for a weekly challenge but I do enjoy making charity quilts and an occasional challenge. I am really enjoying the Bee swap and the 12 x 12 challenge!!

Shelly said...

I've been a quilter for over 35 years. I've tried just about everything, because I'm interested in ALL of it. I come here to give myself permission to play. As a designer, I feel like I'm always working on stuff for other people, and this is my time -- my chance to quilt without having to write the instructions as I go! I love the challenges, altho I don't have time to participate in very many of them. And it's helping me use up my gargantuan scraps stash in a very fun and constructive way!

Helen said...

I have been sewing since the Fifties, but I did not really enjoy it until I began quilting in the Seventies. Have had countless classes over the years. I love antique quilts as well as contemporary and am always looking for novel ideas and methods. I want to learn more about color and design. But equally important to me is the social world of swaps, bees, retreats, etc.

Birdie said...

OK, I just deleted a post that was getting way too long. Let me just say I have been making quilts for over 10 years but I have major confidence issues so would still consider myself "new". I think there is so much to learn and I never feel I have learned enough. I am excited about the free form piecing because I think it feels more spontaneous and creative. I'm hoping that by trying some new things and trying to do more 15 minutes sessions I will grow in my abilites and gain confidence. Thanks to you all for being an inspiration!!

Oh, also, I like the idea of making quilts or blocks for charitable organizations. I am also interested in Artist Trading Cards, not sure if this is the forum for that type of work but think they would be fun to make.

em's scrapbag said...

I've really enjoyed the Something for Nothing swap. I would like more of those. I also like the idea of block tutorials. I've been collecting blocks and hope to one day to a quilt simular to your Everything but the Kitchen Sink quilt. I would also like to take part in a bee. I'd be willing to help with any and all. Just let me know. Thanks for this fun site and all the inspiration it provides!