Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wanna be in a Quilt BEE

Hello players!

I hope you all are having some nice weather where ever you are.
We finally have a day without rain and it's in the 80's! Wahoo! 
Gotta get me out of this house!

I am just finishing the binding on my third AAQI quilt.
They were so fast and fun to make...
now I need to get them registered...

I'm truly hoping you all will make one!
15 minutes is all it takes, you can do this!
let's start seeing more please!

Are you working on one? 
please share! 

Next on the list...

The first BEE, I started on the site, 
15 minutes play Quilt bee, will finish in September.

I am now taking , PLAYERS, for the next round of the bee

I need 12 players:
You will be assigned a month starting in October to design a block
based on the 15 minute scrap sewing process to 
encourage you to discover
new ideas for unique blocks.
We will be posting our idea blocks
and the blocks made for each person here on the site, 
as we have done so far...

I'd like some new players, so if you've had a chance already, 
Let's let some new players participate, 
and if we have enough we can start a second one 
after the (other bee) SCRAP BEE finishes in January....

Member's of the site, or if you want to be a member
in the next round of the BEE,
comment below.
But please know a BEE is a one year commitment,
and this BEE is a very generous bee... 
Often more than one blocks go to the recipient.

If you are not up for that, then this would not be the BEE for you.
please click in the side bar to see what we've done in the past.

All finished BEE quilts, 
please add the images to the 15minute play flickr file.
thank you!

leave a comment here to sign up.


PLEASE JUST EMAIL ME if you want in... Victoria
bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com

So far:

1.Janet R
2.Cathy B
3.Chris H
4.Lauren L
7.Elsa (need email address)
8.Emily B
9.Jennifer H
10.Emily F.

this group is now full.


Glen QuiltSwissy said... should sign up, I love, love, love doing the bees!!!!!!!

Go ahead.....sign up and play!


Miki Willa said...

Please include me in this Bee. I am really ready to be part of a 15 minute Bee.

Helen said...

Yes, I want to do it again!!!

Kathy said...

Please count me in, too. This will be good for me.

CrochetnQuilt said...

I would like to join!

Unknown said...

I have never done a bee, and I would LOVE to do one! I am ready for the commitment, and looking forward to meeting quilters!

Elsa said...

I've never done a bee either and it sounds like fun.
Please include me!

Janet said...

I'd like to play in this round if there are still spots.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I think I finally got my issues worked out. I thought I had been deleted from some blogs because some would work and some would come up with just anonymous. I could only get in with my ipad.


Auntie Em said...

Emily Ferrell
I want to be in a bee, this will be my first, if chosen!

mom2four said...

If you end up doing a second group I'd love to play :)