Sunday, May 6, 2012


Good Grief!! Posted this once, but in my zeal ... forgot the main star ...  My 12.5 inch block.  Guess I was a tad too excited by my plan :(.  Please forgive the double posting.  I read this several times before the first post, but thank heavens for "re-edit"!

Mauve... my mind races to a pinky/purple/grey!  I've read lots of post from folks who aren't fan of the color.... alas, I'm thrilled!  Lots to pick from in my stash ~ Happy dance here!!  Perhaps that means I've been collecting fabrics for too long... perhaps it means I'm a fabric hoarder who never purges her stash? 

My inspiration piece for center.
My other inspiration pieces:

UGH!  I'm digging through old bins looking for fabric to make Ochre (a serious no-go color, for me).  And what do I find???  THE most perfect fabric for mauve *sigh*.  I have absolutely NO idea where this piece came from ... must have been a treasure from a scrap bag purchase. 

Beautiful roses in mauve and lavendar.  Can you see the lovely gold overlay?  Very delicate roses embossed in gold.  Hard to photo, better in person!  At this discovery point, I'm down to finishing one little 3.5 x 12.5 piece of made fabric.  I'll toss in a piece or two, but wish I had found it from the start.  I'm in serious need of some organizational time .. but ... it's not nearly as much fun as making fabric!!!!!!!  15 minutes to work .. or ... 15 minutes to play??!??  This lady is heading for the merry-go-round *grins*.

My comleted block:  I really like my made fabric better on this block.  Guess practice makes better?  No perfectly horizontal stripes in this baby *grins*.

Since I am already formulating my quilt plan, I know that it will not be wide or long enough to trip my trigger.  12 squares set 3 x 4, with sashings is only 44 x 58.  Not even big enough for a lap quilt, since I like huge snuggle quilts that cover my feet to my neck.  Now, I'm only 5'6" (and shrinking, *sigh*), but I like a quilt that finishes at least 72" long. Sooooo, I've decided that I need extra blocks for both width and length.  I love the very tall, linear blocks that Willa has been making!  I'm giving it a whirl to add to the length.......

I also know that this quilt won't be wide enough for my likes.  Decided to add an 8" star block that has made fabric in the center and black points.    In my minds eye, this should be a reversal of the center star for my 12" blocks.  Honestly, I love this version ~ would have been so much simpler than the block I chose.  On the other hand .... dig out all those co-ordinate scraps for a 4.5" block? 

So for each color, I plan to make 3 blocks.  Have I lost my mind? ... probably.  If you encounter it on your travels, please send it home to me *grins*.  Of course now that I've added some blocks I need to revisit my peach ... right after I finish working on Ochre.  One heaped up pile of scraps on my work table is as much confusion as I can stand.



Willa said...

Very beautiful! You are very ambitious and have exquisite blocks!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Well, then, Please know it has become 16 weeks, because I need 16 blocks! hehe, Hope that helps! Looks great!

janequiltsslowly said...

I really like how you play & can't wait to see how this all comes together.

sheila 77 said...

Such energy! I love your mauve blocks and stars and your tall block. Your made fabric and the way you have combined it is wonderful.

Margaret said...

The made fabric in your mauve block is gorgeous!

janie said...

Love your choice of fabric