Saturday, August 4, 2012

Introducing American Bandstand

Bubblee Gum Pink

The two halves which I hope will go together and lie flat. Like others this color challenge reminds me of full skirts and line dancing in Philadelphia. I used to dash home from school to watch the skirts swirl and amazing twirls.

Ta Da !! it lies flat.

I seem to have made some design decisions.  Oh not on purpose I'm not that intentional. A solid and a
 vintage... ish large scale floral for the centre circle. The coordinated prints on the sides of the made fabric seem to be cohesive as well. It is an element that provides a place for the eye to rest.

Well that's my plan for now  "a woman can always change her mind"


Barbara Arcement said...

so pretty I love the colors you picked.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

A solid and a vintage I think is a great plan! I like when those HAPPY ACCIDENTS happen!
Inspiration:"find it, follow it, create it!"
they look great! I need to make a few more for mine... I "followed it" and got sidetracked on so many other projects!! lol!