Wednesday, August 1, 2012

quilt shops in canada

Last time I was in Peggy Cove outside of Halifax in Canada, I was told after the fact that one of the largest and most wonderful quilt shops was in the area.  We were on a cruise at the time and unable to plan our own time frame to visit quilt shops.

But we are going to be in the same area in early 2013 and would like to plan a route that will hit some of the nice shops in the area.

Any suggestions?


Cool Cats and Quilts said...

Will you only be in Nova Scotia, or are you planning on visiting New Brunswick or P.E.I. as well? I live in New Brunswick and can find some lists of shops for you.

fiberchick said...

I found this link for quilt shop listings in Atlantic Canada.

Hope it helps!

June said...

Suttles & Seawinds in Mahone Bay is a must - I visited there in 1987 and can remember it vividly! and I have it on good authority they are better than ever.
I just visited your other blog and was concerned that you might be unwell - so now I shall know and check this one out too!
Regards, June in NZ