Sunday, November 3, 2013

Progress - 15 minute style

I decided on a red background instead of white - because it's dark and seemed more fitting.
Plus, I love red and have wanted to see what this looked like for a long time.
Making the 9 patches with mini's was very time consuming and this is about an hour's work.

I have to feed the patches in slowly so they don't go all wonky.  Sometimes they did that anyway and sometimes they got completely stuck.  That's when this came in handy.  A stiletto.  Does anyone else have this in their bag of tricks?

So, this little quilt is still developing and maybe take a wild turn yet...stay tuned!  More next week-


Helen in the UK said...

Loving your use of red. Looking forward to seeing this develop :)

Margaret said...

Love the red! I'd say you accomplished a lot in an hour.

roccagal said...

really pretty red-raspberry!

I have a siletto and I do use it but i often misplace it among my mess while sewing!

Helen said...

Red is a perfect background for these little pretties! Slow sewing is necessary for accuracy in mini quilts. A stiletto, too, works to hold those babies where you want them. I have also used a bamboo skewer for steering them when my fingers just seem too big. And my seam ripper works nearly as well...and it's always on my work table!