Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mini's - Now I Get It

I have to admit - I like working in mini - I always have a postage stamp quilt in the works and I like making fabric but I wasn't having that much fun putting them together.  I wasn't feeling the giddy joy that Victoria was describing.  That bothered me.   A lot.  As my mini was going together, I wasn't loving it.  That bothered me even more and I shelved it.  To all the folks that completed theirs - I salute you.  You Rock!!! and your mini quilts are awesome!!!

I went to Whiting Mills in Winsted, CT yesterday.  Victoria was teaching her 15 Minute class at Jackie Kunkel's studio, Canton Village Quilt Works!  It was a great day.  I made my first Lemoyne Star and got to buy Victoria's Auriful thread which I am looking forward to using!

Victoria's quilts are stellar and get this, they are even better in person.  It's true.  We all know how photos don't catch the nuances.  If you get a chance to go to a class with V - go!!!

When she showed us techniques, little light bulbs went off in my head.  Little nuggets of gold.  My mojo for my mini squares came back.  I realized a critical error on my part.  I was lining up outside edges of fabric and sewing my 1/4" seams there.  There's no reason to do that except that I probably didn't want to squander any precious fabric (because when you're done, your cuttings from these squares are too small for anything).  When I got home and played for 15 minutes last night - I got happy and giddy and completely addicted to the mini's - as advertised...


Julianne said...

Oh how I envy you, I would love to take a class with Victoria, she is such a sweet person. Lucky you! Glad you found your giddyness!

roccagal said...

you lucky ducky-that would be a dream come true-a class with V!!!
Inspiration indeed!
i like the start of this-cannot wait to see more!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

We had such fun!!!! SO nice to meet you in person! You and your fabulous Blue eyes! ;-)