Friday, February 28, 2014

Patty's heart!

I took 15 minutes to play last night and made this little heart piece just in time for the deadline!  I just went to my scrap bin, gabbed the red. I saw some turquoise pieces and gathered those too.  I had a scrap of white laying on the sewing table so I used that to stamp the heart then got to sewing.  After I hem stitched all the pieces thru the batting and backing, and zig zagged the edges, I decided it was too plain. I decided to splash it with some watered down paint and this is the result.  I now have it hanging on my design wall along with many pieces I have collected from other quilters. ~ Patty A.


roccagal said...

just perfect-what a fun little piece of play!!!

Margaret said...

Love what the paint splatters add to your piece!