Monday, January 3, 2011

Lucky number 77!

This brings my made fabric block count to 77! I'm getting closer to my goal- I think I need around 90 for the quilt I want to make with these. Whew!

One of the best parts of making these 6.5" blocks for me is how many favorite blocks I have made. This is my newest favorite, and the first block that I have wanted to make in a larger scale as a quilt-- after the other 20 or so I'm either working on or planning ;-)


Ellen said...

Wow 77! Funny how some become favorites. Keep it going - can't wait to
see them all together.

Miki Willa said...

I really like these colors. 77! I started yesterday with my first one. I have a long way to go.

Encyclopedia said...

77...i love it, okay you have challenged me to become one with solids...smiles.