Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrap-Bee January Block

I know, I know, crunch time! Being a procrastinator with a million things to do and another million things going on in my life is NOT a good combination! I am sure Victoria thought I was going to flake out and forget all about her block, but NO WAY!
This was so much fun to make! It really is the first time I have done something completely impromptu! I grabbed my big tote bag of little scraps, and went to town! The middle square IS a yellow, but its a bit darker, like a goldenrod (does anyone actually use that color name anymore? I haven't seen a goldenrod crayola since I was a kid!). I hope this block is bright and cheery enough for you, V!

I haven't trimmed it yet. I am always nervous about trimming blocks for other people since I don't have any square rulers. What if I mess it up? Trim it too small? Victoria, I would prefer to send it untrimmed, but if you really want it trimmed let me know! I plan to put it in the mail tomorrow!


Mary-Frances said...

Excellent block Jorie, love that heart fabric, so cute!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

It's fabulous! thanks! I can trim it. no worries! I'm so excited to have all the blocks! Now I can start thinking of what to do next! yippee! thanks!